Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Hell and High Water

The Galgael workshop hosted the launch of "Hell and High Water -Climate Change, Hope and the Human Condition" by our very own co-founder Alastair MacIntosh. The event was well attended with Scottish Environment Minister Mike Russell making a return visit to the workshop to support the launch. The book opens by looking at the evidence, showing how our economic system is constructed to sate our wants rather than our actual needs. It goes on to discuss the consequent effects on the relationship between the natural environment and humankind .The second part largely focuses on human behaviour and how some of our more destructive characteristics such as violence stemming from hubris-(overweening pride usually leading to retribution-Penguin Dictionary) and misplaced ego have throughout our history broken our spiritual link with nature and taken us to the present environmental tipping point.
Alastair admits that in writing the book he had to wrestle with the uncomfortable fact that we, as humans may have left it too late to turn the tide and while he sees the book's message as leaning towards the pessimistic we can still hopefully resolve and heal our soul relationship with "that which gives life".
We at GalGael know only too well how breakdown of community, disrespect for our natural heritage and misuse of our precious resources can destroy not only our environment but our "deeper selves". The book explores these issues in context of the planet, the individual and our spiritual connection with the force of creation. Powerfully and beautifully written - I whole- heartedly recommend it and we all wish Alastair much deserved success with this fascinating and significant book.

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